Whether around the corner or across the country, when you hire a moving company it takes the worry out of moving. Here are 6 smart reasons why you should get a moving company for that big day.

hire a Moving Company

Why Hire a Moving Company

1. You are in a hurry

You have sold your house and must abandon it in no time. This represents a challenge. It is best to hire a moving company with skilled and trained employees who are quick and efficient.

The moving company can also pack your belongings and provide you with boxes, ribbons, and anything else you need . You will save valuable time.

2. You can’t take time off or you haven’t found anyone to help you.

If you’re worried about running out of time or labor, it would be a great advantage to find a professional moving moving company company, if only to move your larger items such as furniture and appliances or your most fragile belongings.

This way, in the weeks leading up to the move, you will have plenty of time to pack and transport some of the boxes yourself, knowing that the bigger things will be taken care of.

It also frees you up time to take care of all the paperwork and evaluate the options you have.

3. Long distance moving

Let’s be honest, the thought of a five-hour round trip for each load can put off even the most devoted friends and family – it seems like at the last minute, something comes up and there’s always an excuse.

Plus, it might even be cheaper than doing it yourself! It is more profitable to hire transportation for a single trip with a moving company than to fill up the gas tank each time. (And this without counting on your friends’ beer and pizza budget.)

4. Moving during the winter months

Imagine rolling down an icy sidewalk, dodging snow banks and losing your balance while carrying the cooler in your car. Happens.

Moving companies have insurance for this purpose . Professional moving companies are also covered by occupational health and safety regulations so your appliances will reach your new home safely.

5. You are not very good at packing or moving.

Physically, you may not be cut out for organizing a big move. In this case, it is better to let the experts do the boxes and take care of the operation. Stress can cause us to lose our cool. Plus, movers have done it many times and know all the tricks .

This way, you can spend time numbering the boxes to make sure nothing gets lost. In addition, you can monitor what is happening to make sure the move is going smoothly.

6. You have a valuable art collection

Moving CompaniesMoving companies have additional insurance for fragile, oversized items, and valuables . Better to make a claim than to lose a friend!

For objects such as a piano or a wine collection, there are also specialized removal companies with experience in transporting these objects. Consider shipping your precious goods separately.

10 steps to hire a moving company

  1. Notify the company in advance , in this way you will avoid possible availability problems on the day you want to make your move.
  2. Find out which is the best Granada moving company . To do this, ask for the opinion of friends or acquaintances who have already had experience with moving companies in the province.
  3. Request a quote in writing . This is the only way to protect yourself in case the service is not as you expected.
  4. Ask for everything you need to know about the moving service : available personnel, packing process, transfer process, etc.
  5. Be wary of companies with no known address and very cheap budgets . To do this, it is best to always ask for credentials or obtain references about the company.
  6. Check that the company has civil liability insurance that covers possible losses or damages.
  7. Agree on the form and time of payment . If you pay in advance you will usually receive a reduction in the price, in addition to avoiding having to pay the same day of the move.
  8. Inform you about the approximate time it will take the company to carry out the transfer service and the number of trips they will make.
  9. Find out what kind of materials are going to be used to pack the belongings , as well as what kind of precautionary measures are going to be adopted to protect the most delicate objects.
  10. Obtain information on the type of truck that the company is going to use : size, open or closed, etc. With this, you may avoid possible problems in the process of moving your belongings.