We at Available Movers & Storage have been offering business since 1994.


Available Movers Manhattan

Moving is and can be a stressful experience. It can be worse if you choose to do it yourself. This is why it would be best to hire the best movers Manhattan. It is even harder when you consider that there are many moving companies around. But you don’t have to worry.

At Available Movers, we understand how hard it can get to work alone when moving. We have been serving New York since 1994. Hence, we are one of the most experienced service providers you can rely on.

We are a full-service moving company NY offering a wide range of services at a reasonable price. It is all about you. Hence, our main priority is 100% satisfaction for our customers. We focus on moving you from your current location to a new address with ease and confidence.

For many years, we have handled a wide range of jobs in Manhattan. We have learned that every customer has different expectations, and we work to achieve them. No matter how significant or small the job is; we are here to make your day a success.

Now you don’t have to guess your moving anymore. Get in touch with our team of highly trained and experienced employees. We are a professional moving company dedicated to making your life easy when it’s time to change your location. Most of our clients are coming for a second time or referrals, which shows how good our services are.

Why choose us?

Can you trust your hands to move you efficiently? Well, there is just too little one person can do. Think about all the work involved in packaging, packing, carrying the heavy boxes, loading and moving with them around the city. This only is enough to give some people headaches. Not to mention that you may not even have a good truck to carry all your luggage.

Also, there is no need to hire another service that will leave you worried all the time. It would be convenient if you had a team that has a proven track record of reliable services. And that is Available Movers.

Once you get in touch with us, our team will come to assess the job and give the best quotation. Our rates are affordable because we don’t want you to feel strained. And then, they will return on time as scheduled and start with the packing. They will then load everything on the tracks, ensuring fragile items are well-protected. That means we do all the heavy work so that you can relax and focus on other things.

Apart from moving services, we also offer:

  • Commercial moving services
  • Residential moving services
  • International moving services
  • Long-distance moving services
  • Storage services
  • Professional home and office services

Other services we offer at no extra cost include packaging and tracking of your luggage. Once we have agreed on a price, there will be no hidden charges. That is how we have maintained a close and trustworthy relationship with our customers.

Get in touch and let me handle all your moving needs.