We at Available Movers & Storage have been offering business since 1994.


Available Movers Queens

Queens, NY, is an extensive and busy area. This is why it can be a bit overwhelming when you want to move. But it should not be a problem anymore.

At Available movers, we understand how hard it can get. And want to help make the process easy for you. We have been offering moving services in NY and NJ since 1994, making us one of the most experienced and reliable companies around.

We aim to offer 100% customer satisfaction. And that is why a large number of our customers come from repeat and referrals. Our team is highly trained and experienced to ensure the best services in the region.

What makes us unique

First, we are not just an ordinary moving service provider. We also offer storage services for those who need a place to keep their valuables. We will keep them safe until you find a better place to keep them.

Apart from that, here are some of the features that make us unique:

  • Experienced. We have been serving the large New York City for many years. Hence, we have met a wide range of customers we different needs, enabling us to learn newer and better ways to offer these services.
  • Efficiency. Our idea of great moving is all about efficiency. We know you have other things to deal with, and Queens’s busy life may not allow you to certain things. As such, we take care of all the hard work and responsibility. We have the best packaging services around, which makes us your number one choice. We will load and unload your stuff from the truck and help you arrange your new space. That is not all; we have the latest tracking technologies which assure on-time delivery. And once everything is done, we make sure you are well settled before leaving.
  • A wide range of services. Our company is dedicated to assuring 100% customer satisfaction for their moving and storage needs. If you want to move from your current address to a new one, we are the team to make your work easy. You can also ask for other services such as storage, commercial moving services, long-distance moving, and residential services. Besides, we offer professional services ranging from homes, offices, and business transfers. As a commercial moving service, we employ a specific plan to assure efficiency. This includes Strategy, Planning, and Execution.

At Available Movers, our customer is the most important aspect of our business. Hence, we give in all our energy and focus on putting a smile on their faces.

We are always clean. The moving process needs to be as efficient as possible. And that includes ensuring a high level of cleanliness. We will keep it that way without getting your things dirty. We want you to have an easy time after the moving process.

Every customer we have served says they were impressed. And we want to keep our reputation that high. Ge in touch with us now and leave the rest to our team.