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Enjoy the difference with Available Movers & Storage, reliable moving company in New York NYC.

We at Available Movers value our new clients and will always provide the most professional service to our new and returning clients. In order to introduce our new clients to our former clients and their great reviews about us, please read what they have to say about the services that they received.

– The Available Movers Family

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Available Movers Team


The foremost considerations in moving to another country are location and length of stay of client in that new place.

Long Distance Movers


Available Movers & Storage is known as one of the premier interstate long distance movers in the United States.

Storage Service


Why do enterprises and homeowners opt for moving and storage services?

Commercial Movers


Corporate organizations planning relocation moves always look for reliable commercial movers in their localities


Relocating is undeniably considered a tiring and tedious task that you have to worry about a lot of things. When the need arises, the best solution is to hire the services of a reliable moving company such as NYC Movers so as to keep every priced investment safe and secured until it reaches the new location. Whether you are Moving to NYC or from New York City to any place outside the city, there is a need to hire the services of a moving company. We at Available Movers & Storage have been offering business since 1994. We want you to experience our quality NYC Moving Services which is far different from other providers in the industry.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Available movers have really helped me relieve my stress while I was relocating. This company knows the job way too well. Their quote was quite unbeatable and the customer service was very friendly. The movers weren’t late for a change. It was a very successful relocation where not one piece of mine got damaged. I am definitely hiring them again!

- Johnny R.

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Available movers is by far the most reliable moving company in my opinion. Their performance while they moved me and my belongings from one state to another was very praiseworthy. Their quote was spot on, the movers were very capable and everything was very systematic. The best part about this move was the fact that none of my belongings was broken or damaged at the end of the move. I can blindly rely on this company and they will always deliver. I am so grateful to them.

- Ralph G.


Available movers had a long distance to cover during my last move in October. But they did so amazingly. Their men were very well trained and extremely efficient. The packed up my belongings very quickly and loaded the van. When they made the delivery, I rushed to check the inventory. Fortunately, all my valuables have survived the distance without any scratched on them. I have to take my hats off to these guys for how responsible they turned out to be. I recommend them.

- Fred M


Muscles don’t make strong movers; it’s their experience that counts. I hired Available movers last month. Their quote was very smart and they sent 4 men over to my house on the moving day. All four men worked tirelessly for 4 hours and wrapped up all my belongings very carefully. I was very happy to see how skilled and experienced these men really were. They lifted my heavy furniture so easily. I go to gym every day and I can never lift my furniture that easily. They delivered on time and nothing suffered any damage. I will surely hire them again.

- Peter P.