One of the important items you will need when moving in or out of a place in boxes. They are arguably the most important things you will ever need. This is because most of the things you need to move will go into a box. So you are going to need as many boxes as you can find.

Now, because you have spent enough money on hiring a moving company, securing a storage space, and other expenses, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying boxes. Apart from the fact that you will need lots of boxes, which translates to lots of money, brand new boxes are expensive.

Also, seeing as you may not have any need for those boxes after moving, you are better off getting them for free. Yes. You can get free boxes for moving. The important question is “Where can you get free boxes for moving, and this is the question that this article seeks to answer.

We will discuss where you can get boxes for free, and also, how to go about the process of getting these boxes.

Place where you can get Boxes for Free

free boxes for moving

Friends and Family

This is the easiest and fastest way of getting free boxes for moving. You can ask your friends, family members, neighbors, and acquaintances if they have empty boxes lying around in their homes with no use. This option is the fastest and easiest because they are more likely to help and you may not feel any reluctance to ask for their help seeing as they are your friends and families.

You can also use your social media platform to reach out to a wider audience of friends and family.

The website is a neighborhood hub that provides information about areas, cities, states, and places around you. free boxes for moving Apart from these pieces of information, you can get updates about anybody nearby who intends to give boxes away for free.

You need to log on to the website and join the hub. Of course, you would have to register and state your area, so that you get linked to people around you. There is a section tagged as Classifieds on the platform. This section provides information about free stuff that neighbors want to give away. Even if there are no free boxes in this section, you can ask on the platform and people would respond to you.

U-Haul Box Connect

The U-Haul Customer Connect Box Exchange is a feature on the U-Haul service. It creates a hub that brings people around the country interested in getting moving supplies. All you need to do is log on to the service, input your location, and the keyword “Free Boxes”. You will then see a list of people who are willing to give away their boxes. These people usually just moved into a new place and do not need their boxes anymore, or people who have heaps of flattened boxes in their house and are interested in getting them out.


This online marketplace has almost everything you need to buy. However, there is a section tagged “Free” and this section features things that people want to give out for free. Over time, one of the most common things that people give out for free in boxes. So if you are lucky, you may find someone interested in giving empty boxes out for free.

Also, the platform allows you to post an ad about what you are looking for. So, even if you can’t find anybody who wants to give out free boxes, create a post to inform people that you are on the lookout for free boxes.

Liquor Stores

Liquor stores are some of the places where you are sure to find free boxes, Liquor, which is the primary object of sale, are transported in boxes. What happens after these liquors get delivered is that the boxes are dumped for recyclers. So before recyclers come to get them, you can pop into a liquor store near you and ask the manager if you can get some of the empty boxes lying around.  You need to remember that these stores have next to nothing to do with these boxes, so don’t be shy when asking for them.

Big Box Stores

Also known as large retailers, this is one of the stores where you can be sure of getting free boxes for moving. As the name implies, these stores have lots of boxes that they don’t know what to do with them. Stores like Walmart, Costco, BestBuy, Sam’s Club, Target, and the likes get shipments almost every day. These shipments come in boxes and the store has little or no use for these boxes after receiving the shipments. So, calmly ask the manager if you can have some of the empty boxes they have around when you go into any of these stores around you.

Recycling Drop-Off Points

free boxes for movingThese are where old and flattened boxes get dropped off for recycling. You will find multiple drop-off points in every city. Going to these places for free moving boxes is like hitting a jackpot. However, you need to ensure that the boxes you choose are those that are still in good shape and can hold up the weight. Remember that these boxes are marked for recycling which means that majority of these boxes are either damaged or too weak to carry any load. However, you could still find good boxes that serve their purposes all right.


This is another store where you won’t have any problem getting good and empty boxes for free. Be it large chain bookstores or small local bookstores, they get their shipment of books in boxes and this means that more often than not, they have free empty boxes lying around. As with other stores, all you need to do is ask the manager or anybody in control.


These are the places where you can get free boxes for moving. Remember to be courteous when asking for the boxes and make it a point of duty to select boxes that serves your purpose.