Moving house is one of the most stressful situations for people. However, there are a series of circumstances that when they occur in life is a clear indication that you have to move house. The question is in knowing when is the best time to do it, that is if there is a better time of year to move.

The answer is yes, there is a more suitable season to move and everyone agrees that it is summer. Remember that there is also a more appropriate time to make the purchase, as we tell you in this other article: When is the best time to buy a new apartment.

Move House

Reasons for Moving House

Among the reasons why at a certain moment in your life you consider a house move, the following stand out:

  • First home.  The first reason, and the most basic, to make a house move is that you have become independent and are going to start a new life in your own home.
  • Changes in your needs. Another of the main reasons for moving house is that some of your needs have changed and you need a home with different characteristics than the one you had up to that moment: increase in the family (need for more space), need for outdoor spaces, etc.
  • Transfer for labor issues. Another of the great causes for moving your home: having to move to another city for your work, either because the company sends you to another destination or because you have found a new job. Although many times the change of residence can only be a neighborhood to live closer to the new job and reduce the time and money spent on daily transportation to your office.
  • Economic reasons. Sometimes, the change of residence is justified by the economic situation: you can move to a better house if you have obtained a job promotion or, on the contrary, you are forced to change to a cheaper house.
  • Retirement. When the work stage ends and having more free time is another good time to move house looking for areas where you can enjoy good weather, tranquility, and alternative leisure options.

Summer is the best season of the year to move house

Moving a house requires enormous planning because you have to organize all the furniture, clothing, and belongingsMoving House for your move to the new property. Likewise, it is necessary to have adequate transport for the move and, finally, to settle in the new home. With these conditions, summer becomes the best season of the year to move for several reasons:

More free time

The main reason that summer is the best time of year to move is that it coincides with most people’s vacations and with the months when there is usually an intensive shift. Thus, there is more free time to organize the move, without having to suffer the fatigue and stress of change along with the fatigue of work. In this way, there is time to prepare the move, make the move, organize the new home, and rest after the effort involved.

In addition, if you have school-age children, you will also be freer by not having to adjust to their schedule., with all the time involved in taking them and picking them up from school. This is an advantage, especially if you can get the children to stay in another house during the days of the move.

Better weather and longer days

Despite the heat in summer, this season has the advantage of being the season with the best climate, since there is not as much rain as it happens in spring or autumn. In this way, the tasks that have to be done on the street such as loading and unloading of furniture are much easier, without the problem of having to do it in the rain and that they can be damaged. In winter, the cold and the existence of fewer hours of light are other handicaps to move house.

In addition, the good weather of summer is more appropriate to prepare the new house if you have to paint the walls or make small repairs. Here are ten tips to decorate your new home

New Year New Life

Although the calendar year begins in January, it is easy to associate September with a new season (mainly because it relates to the start of the school year).

This idea favors using the summer to make big changes, such as in this case moving house. Thus, in September the ‘new life’ can begin. On the other hand, the beginning of the New Year is the best time to change the children’s school (if it is necessary to do so because of the move).

Be careful, it can be more expensive

Moving HousesThe main disadvantage of moving in in the summer is that the increased demand makes it a problem to find a company to do it. However, in autumn or winter, the demand is lower, so there is greater availability of these specialists.

In addition, there is another economic reason that you should take into account:  since summer is considered a high season, moving is somewhat more expensive than in low demand seasons, such as autumn.

In any case, moving house requires good planning and organization, so having the free time of vacations and days with more daylight are important enough reasons to choose this season of the year.