Whenever we start to organize a move, the same question comes to mind: how do I choose a best moving company to guarantee the success of my move. And that is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article, about the characteristics of a good moving company . Do you want to know how to choose well? Well, do not miss what we tell you!

Organizing a transfer  must fall into professional hands, that is why it is essential to have a moving company that responds not only to your expectations but also that knows how to solve problems that may arise. Thus, it is essential to choose well a moving company in Bizkaia to start moving your home. And is that nobody likes surprises so your initial choice will depend on the success of your move.

Choosing your moving company only for price (usually the cheapest offer when comparing several options) can be more of a setback. By now we all know that price is important, but not the only thing. Organizing a move will also mean making a budget and giving value to an essential activity.


4 Characteristics of a professional moving company

There are several characteristics that a transfer firm must meet to meet the needs of moving services . Some of them are quite visible -almost with the naked eye-, and others are a bit more difficult to observe. Be that as it may, these are the qualities that a professional moving company in Bizkaia must fulfill :

Company with a track record:

It is clear that nobody is born knowing and that everything takes its evolution. Of course, removals are no exception. However, the maturity or not of a moving company will determine its ability to adapt and improve. How can I know the age of a firm? Asking the interested parties or looking at their affiliation in the commercial or self-employed register or seeing the age of their trademark registration or even website.


A company must be more than just a name. We all have that! Structure is needed to be able to provide customer service. And by structure we will understand a physical site in which it is attended, a certain number of vehicles, staff, insurance and at least one telephone (landline if possible) where you can contact them How to know the structure of a company moving? Always asking; looking for your data on official sites (town halls and councils).

Staff on staff.

Yes, it seems like a no-brainer. But believe us not when we tell you. A serious moving company cannot have more than 10% of its team on an interim basis or what is the same: not fixed, with continuous rotations. Experience is acquired and preserved. How? In time and with good generational change processes. But how can I know something about the staff of an organization? Asking. It seems like a taboo subject but think that when we go to a public contest they don’t ask for official data on this issue. Why not for the move of your house?

Variety of services

A professional relocation company cannot stay in the mere movement of furniture from one point to another. You must be able to offer personalized services adapted to the current needs of your audience. Thus, a classic furniture packaging must translate today into the ability to use different packaging materials depending on the destination of the piece. And how do you know the service catalog of a company? Visiting for example their website and asking .

So are the moving experts

Companies that we have been operating in the sector for many years. In our case, more than 40 with the company in the hands of the 3rd generation of the family. Firms that have reinvented ourselves and have known how to adapt to the new demands of the public. Proof of this is our modern furniture storage service or the packaging systems that we use daily in our services.

Thus, when you go to request a quote for the transfer of your house ( please, always be in writing! ), Do not lose sight of the 4 characteristics that a best moving company should have. If you follow our advice, surely moving your home will be much easier and the result will be what you want: to be able to enjoy your new home as soon as possible and with full guarantees.