Faced with an imminent move for the purchase of a new home or apartment, many people begin to inquire about the different moving companies available in the market, which is why they show a large number of options available to hire, and there the great question is generated. How to know which moving service is of good quality? To answer this question, we will review below a series of characteristics and qualities that every good moving service possesses and offers.

Hiring a lousy moving service can be really detrimental, as an inexperienced and reputable company is likely to mishandle and unprofessionally handle a client’s furniture and valuables, increasing the likelihood of such occurrences. Damage to the elements and goods transported during the move, which will generate the need for the client to make a new and ominous investment to replace the appliances and artifacts damaged during the move.

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Qualities of a Good moving company

Like many other services and products, the quality of a moving service lies in determinants and factors such as price, availability, responsibility, haste, and security that companies offer, however, in terms of moving services from optimal and unquestionable quality, the following characteristics stand out:

Service price

It is not necessary to pay for the most expensive service on the market to obtain a quality and successful move; however, you should not make the mistake of hiring an excessively cheap moving company since we would be risking a service of deplorable quality. What characterizes a good service with regard to the economic sphere is the company’s ability to offer people an estimated, personalized, and precise budget on the move that the client intends to make, in this way you can choose a real price and adjust to the magnitude and complexity of the move.


Quality moving companies have the particularity of designing together with the client a detailed inventory of all the articles, furniture, and goods that will be part of the move to the new address. In this inventory, the articles will be classified depending on their type of materials, and also those that require more security measures will be prioritized due to their propensity to be damaged.

Similarly, it is important to note that the majority of highly prestigious and responsible moving companies in the market do not allow certain items to be part of the inventory for their transportation, such as, for example, jewelry, legal documents, money, and objects of great value; in this case, the client must take care of their transport.

Packing methods

The best moving companies that provide excellent service do not use reused boxes and materials for the packaging of clients’ objects, appliances, and furniture, since for this work they have top-quality and specialized materials that increase the safety of the packed objects.

To check the quality of the moving service offered by a particular company, you can contract with the customer service of the same and request that they describe the packaging process of the articles and objects transported in the move, in this way You will be able to know if it has the necessary materials for this process and if they carry out the labeling and identification procedure of the boxes.

Disassembly and assembly

There is a considerable number of clients who do not want their furniture to be disassembled due to how complex Good moving companythe assembly of the same can be, however, disassembling a piece of furniture is a necessary task so that it can be entered or removed from the house without that they suffer damages.

A good moving service will offer you all the necessary technical support for the disassembly and assembly of the furniture, so you will not have to worry about the arrangement of the pieces of the tools necessary for the assembly of the furniture since these companies have experienced staff for this task.


Before hiring a moving company, it is essential to know if the service includes a policy of insurance that protects the furniture and other objects that are transported. A good moving service offers insurance that broadly protects the client’s goods and products, guaranteeing him to financially reimburse the damages that may be caused during the moving process, however, the vast majority of moving companies that offer this policy has a very minimal probability of an incident since they strive for the safety and protection of objects.

Loading and unloading

Unprofessional and low-quality moving companies have the audacity to demand that the customer take charge of loading the boxes and items to the transport vehicle and once they arrive at the place that they also unload the goods, on the contrary, A good moving service takes care of all the details of the mobilization of the client’s objects and furniture, which includes both the loading and unloading of the items to be transported. It is necessary for professionals to take care of the work of loading and unloading boxes and furniture to reduce all kinds of friction and blows that they may suffer.