Surely you have seen on the street, in newspapers or on the internet, advertisements for very cheap carriers or with promotions that your eyes go to. Then, at the time of signing the contract or carrying out the work, many of them do not offer you the minimum guarantees and confidence , or do not have the appropriate experience, or the necessary means to tackle this task.

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Steps to follow to hire a legal moving company

Before hiring a freight service, what most of us currently do is search on our mobile or computer. All legal moving companies usually have a website and here we can already check a series of data to know if this moving company is serious on the internet .

At available movers , we have been carrying out all kinds of removals for ages. On our website, you can find a contact telephone number that is a landline number, the physical address and the company name, basic data that already denotes a certain professionalism and generates confidence in the future client.

Essential aspects when hiring a legal moving company

Apart from looking for company information online, before calling or requesting a quote to hire their professionallegal moving company services, you can look for comments on their own website, in google reviews or in forums. Then, if you have already decided to take a step through a specific company, you must take these aspects into account:

  • The contract must always be in writing and carry it out in person. Either in their offices, or in your own home when they have gone to review the material to be transported or packed.
  • Read the entire contract. Do not leave any paragraph or clause with which you can later be surprised.
  • The contracting company must have a transport card , and you can demand the obligatory and non-obligatory insurance.
  • You can take out civil liability insurance.

Although we have left it for last, it is no less important for that. A basic aspect is to check that the company you are going to hire is registered in the Moving Companies Registry.

Requirements of the Registry of Moving Companies

The Registry of moving companies is a public registry of the General Directorate of Transport of each Autonomous Community , or even of large municipalities, which allows you to know if the company you are going to hire has accredited to the administration the requirements that are required to have the special authorization of removals.

hire a legal moving companyAmong all these specifications you can check the following aspects that will already offer you guarantees of the professionalism of the moving company:

  • Tax identification of the company.
  • Civil liability insurance and loss coverage in each town hall or community.
  • Identification of the vehicles they have, such as the aforementioned transport card, ITV, or driving insurance.

Once you have made sure that the options you are considering for your transfer are legal companies, you can request several estimates to get cheap moving companies .

At available movers you can hire a legal moving company. We carry out very complete and economical services with highly qualified personnel and, in addition, with perfectly equipped moving trucks to offer you a service according to your needs and the possibilities of your pocket.