While most people move during the spring and summer, they may be missing out on the best off-season deals. Here are three reasons that make a move in winter the perfect time to move and that could make your move easier.

3 Reasons to Move in Winter

Moving in Winter

Go against the grain

It’s easy to see why most people prefer to move during peak season: there is a lot to choose from, current leases expire, and this time of year is suitable for students and people on summer vacations.

  • However, you can reverse this trend by looking for an apartment or other type of rental during the winter when landlords are desperate for tenants.
  • The result? Rents are lower and leases offer more flexibility.
  • Other benefits include better prices from moving companies and greater availability.

Enter deals

You might think that having less choice means the prices will be higher and the market will be more competitive, but this is not true during the winter. In fact, landlords often lower rental prices and offer better and more flexible leases during the cold season.

  • Take the opportunity to negotiate and ask for some extras, such as renovations, a rebate, and other additional benefits. As the owner is likely to be desperate, he or she will be more open to accepting a smaller down payment, an exceptional utility deal, or other accommodations.
  • However, don’t think you can claim everything just because you move in winter. Be reasonable and professional in negotiations to ensure a good, long-term relationship with your landlord.

Don’t delay too long

Do you have to move quickly? Good luck finding accommodation to rent during the most popular months of springMove in Winter and summer. In winter, it’s not the same story at all. This is because many owners have to get rid of their homes quickly.

  • A tenant may have decided to terminate the lease and left the landlord dead, or the landlord may have been looking for a tenant for so long that they are ready to accept a lease quickly.
  • Either way, it allows you to move in much faster in the winter. You also avoid summer traffic on moving days, which can be a problem in some very touristy cities.
  • Of course, the weather is often gloomier in winter, but for some, it is always better than moving furniture in a heatwave.

Take advantage of the cold season to find your little piece of paradise. With these three tips, you will be able to move in winter without breaking your head. Good move.