Not everybody would be that lucky to move without any cost by using money-saving moving tips. For some if not most, some amount of money is usually involved. This cost sometimes might be burdensome, and this is the reason why some people don’t like moving. Because when you consider the cost involved sometimes you might want to give up. This article gives you some valuable tips that would help you save money as you move.

More Money-Saving Moving Tips

Money-Saving Moving Tip

Have a budget and prioritize your spending

This is the first thing to do as you prepare to move from your present location to a new one, you should have a budget. One thing is sure, money would be involved as you relocate, but the goal is that as you move, you spend minimally. This can be achieved by drafting a budget and itemizing what you would need and the cost. You should itemize them in order of priority, from the most important to the least important with their corresponding cost. After you might have done that you should consider how much you have vs how much was budgeted. If there is a wide variation between the amount budgeted and your financial capacity, you should then prioritize your spending. Go for the important ones and rule out the less important ones. By this, you should be able to save costs to some extent.

Ensure you declutter excess and unwanted household items and sell them

This is one of the easiest ways to raise money if you intend to move. It is often ignored by people as they never thinkMoney-Saving Moving Tips about doing this. But it is better and much more logical. If you should do this. You should begin by gathering those unwanted items that are no longer valuable to you gather as many as possible so you can sell them as scrap. One way to figure out what to sell especially if you don’t know what to sell, you should ask yourself how old are these items? Are they working? Do I have a better alternative? Hope it won’t clutter my new location? All of these questions should be asked and answered. If they are obsolete and spoilt, you should sell them all as scrap.  Sometimes taking a decision may be easy for example, you have an old TV that is no longer useful or valuable, it is always easy to sell them off. You would be able to raise cash and this would ease the financial burden on you saving you some money


Make use of previously used packing materials or improvise

Packing materials are one of those items consuming a lot of money. It is always advisable to retain them and keep them after buying. And if you don’t have, you should improvise. You may improvise by

  • Using socks to wrap glass wares.
  • Make use of original packaging materials or boxes to keep or store respective gadgets.

You should determine if you would need professional movers.

This is a significant decision you would have to make. It is one aspect that involves critical thinking and planning. If you would make use of professional movers then the cost of moving would go up significantly. To avoid this you should consider asking your friends or acquaintances to assist you in moving your items. But of course, this would depend on the number of items and their sizes. While it might be easy to call your friends or acquaintances as you would not be offering them money but you should ask yourself the following questions before you call your friends

  • Can my friends help out with moving heavy items like furniture?
  • Would I have to move far away?
  • Is there any expertise involved?
  • Questions like this would help you to determine if you would be needing movers.

You should not move during the busy season.

More Money-Saving Moving TipsThis is a logical point although it is beyond your control but it is worth considering. This is because you would be able to utilize the service of professional movers during less busy seasons. During busy seasons, rates are high which would mean you would be charged more than normal as there are people who will be willing to pay more to secure professional services. But during less busy seasons, you would get a better bargain because there are not too many people interested at that particular time. It is just the law of economics, the higher the demand the higher the price.

 You should try getting reimbursement from your company.

This is for those who are relocating, if you are changing location because of work or changing office because of anything relating to work, it is always better to ask your company for reimbursement. This would help reduce the financial stress on you. So before taking up that job you should try negotiating reimbursement that would cover relocation. There are some times this might not be covered, then with Money-Saving Moving Tips expenses might be tax-deductible. This particularly concerns military personnel. If that is the case, you should discuss it with your accountant.