It is no longer news that it will take a while before the world finally gets rid of the coronavirus pandemic. The disease will be here for a while and people all around the world would have to manage it for some time. Even as the vaccine to battle the spread of the diseases has started rolling out in several countries, and businesses are starting to open up, covid-19 still holds huge sway in the way most businesses operate.

The pandemic has affected and still affecting many industries since its outbreak, and the moving industry is one of them. As a matter of fact, the moving industry is one of the worst-hit industries, as the services provided by the industry have a lot to do with physical contact and transportation, the two core aspects of human lives that the pandemic affected.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss the effect of the pandemic on the industry, examining how covid-19 impacted the processes and strategies of the industry and the precautions put in place to ensure the safety of staff and customers in the industry.

moving industry in covid

Effect of Coronavirus on the Moving Industry

The moving industry is one of the essential industries in any economy given that individuals and other businesses rely on the industry to ensure the movement and transportation of products, goods, and materials from one location to another.

Therefore, the moving industry is part of a value chain in which many businesses are connected. This implies that when connected businesses are taking a hit due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is expected that the moving industry will also be affected. The moving industry was subjected to certain impacts themselves.

Below are some of the impacts of the Covid-19 on the moving industry

Financial Impact

This has been the most important effect or impact of the pandemic on the moving industry. The industry has had to deal with a huge downturn in the amount of revenue generated. This means that companies and service providers within the industry are not making as much as they should.

This problem is the result of many factors. One of them is the restriction on local and international movement for the larger part of the pandemic period. This means that individuals and businesses cannot operate effectively and move their products. Even those who had plans to transport goods and materials before the outbreak of the pandemic had to cancel the scheduled movement because of the restrictions. This means that companies within the industry cannot work and this greatly affected the revenue generated.

Another factor that affected businesses during the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic is the closure of businesses.moving industry during Covid Apart from the restriction on movement, most businesses had to close down, shutting down their operation and production processes. What this means for the moving industry is that there are no products or materials to move, seeing as businesses and manufacturing outlets are not operating.

Lastly, the health concern for staff and customers is one of the factors that facilitated the financial impact of covid-19 on the moving industries. Despite all of these problems affecting the industry, companies had to expend resources concerning keeping their employees safe during the pandemic.

Companies had to ensure that thorough cleaning and disinfecting of their business premises. They also had to procure sanitizers, nose masks, and other precautionary materials. Spending on all of these cuts a hole through the finances of the industry, especially given that the generated revenue is at an all-time low.

Strategic Implication

Another way through which the pandemic affected the moving industry is the change of strategies. Many service providers within the industry had to change their business strategies and make some decisions that would ensure their continued existence.

One of the strategic decisions made by stakeholders in the moving industry is to take advantage of the loans offered by the government for small and medium businesses. These loans are provided to ensure that businesses can continue to operate and pay workers till everything calms down.

Also, moving companies have had to reduce their workforce, due to the financial implication which has made it difficult for these businesses to pay their employees. Some employees now work based on shifts while some have off-days. Furthermore, there is the need to prepare for backup plans in case one of the employees falls ill and is unable to work.

Lastly, moving processes are now taking longer seeing as certain procedures and precaution needs to be taken while moving. This includes ensuring the stated distance between employees and clients during the moving process. This has affected the way many service providers in the industry operate and the coronavirus is responsible for that.

Precautions for Covid-19

At Available Movers, we understand the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and are committed to ensuring that our staff and clients are safe during and after moving operations. As a result, we have put certain precautions in place. They include

Social Distancing and Adhering to Safety Measures

Close-up view of hands in rubber gloves pushing shopping carts in front of supermarket.

Social distancing refers to the establishment of a specific distance between two people, and medical experts have advised that the distance be kept at six feet. At Available Movers, we ensure that our employees maintain this distance while working. Also, we advise that clients pack all the things they want moved and remain off-site during the moving process.

This way, there would be little or no physical interaction between our staff and clients while moving, reducing the possibilities of spreading the disease.

Also, our movers adhere to safety measures put in put place by the authorities. These measures include wearing face masks and using hand sanitizers.

Contact Minimization

As against the prevalent practice of having movers visit the home of clients to understand the amount of work to be done and providing an estimate, Available Movers have created a feature that allows clients to generate quotes and estimates without leaving the comfort of their homes.

This way, the avenues for physical contact are reduced and thus preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.


The covid-19 pandemic is redefining the way we do business and the moving industry is not left behind. From finances to strategies, the pandemic has forced some changes from the industry and also ensured that certain precautions are put in place for the safety of movers and clients.