When hiring movers in Bronx there can be varieties of moving services to choose from. Depending on how much stuff you have to move or how valuable your items may be can determine whether you hire a licensed moving company, or use unlicensed labor services. There is no question that when relocating your home or office that items are prone to get damaged during the moving process. Depending on the moving company you use, will determine the outcome of the move.

If you care about your furniture, then it is wise to hire a moving company that is licensed, has good reviews and reputation, and has a good rating in the Better Business Bureau. Remember, it is not wise to go cheap when hiring a mover. Most movers who are surprisingly inexpensive are likely to be inexperienced or have bad ratings.

Today we will provide some basic information about Available Movers and their reputation along with moving tips. Available movers are:-

  • Certified and insured
  • Certified by the BBB
  • Have Top and best reviews
  • Highly Experienced
  • Established Since 1994

The moving company serves in the Bronx and the surrounding areas specializing in and around New York. The team of Available movers in the Bronx has received excellent reviews with the BBB and on Yelp.com. With over many good reviews on yelp, this company has yet to get a bad review.

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Tips on hiring movers in Bronx

It is highly important to be knowledgeable in the moving process before deciding to relocate. Here are a few moving tips that may help ease the moving process.

Know Your Moving Rights and Responsibilities

Know your rights; you will be signing a contract. As a consumer, you are protected and you do have rights. But you have to do your homework before signing anything. And make sure you completely understand all the terms and conditions of the contract.

Quick Moving Tip

Be Available to the Movers, Hang around to direct movers; do not leave the house until they are finished. Especially when receiving your goods, stick around to direct movers in furniture placement.

Pro Movers Tip

What to Bring on Long Trips, Here are some items you may want to bring if you are driving long distances: A map or directions to where you are going, food, water, clothes, cell phone, money, hygiene items, road flares, car oil, fire extinguisher, a can of fix-a-flat, and extra water for your car’s engine.

Knowing What the Mover Offers Could Save You a Big Headache. Find out if the mover has a dispute settlement program. Most moving companies offer an easy way to dispute a problem. So before signing anything know what your course of action will be to resolve an issue.

Moving Terms

An agreement with the mover to perform transportation by a set date. There can be delays due to the weather in the winter. Most movers are on time and reliable and will do their best to be there on the set date. Time is money to movers.

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Preparations on a moving day

Never move the plants outside your home before the move. Don’t bring them out until the moving time. They must be the last thing to be loaded onto a van while moving. Many indoor plants are acclimated to indoor temperatures and can be damaged when night temperature falls. Moreover, they should not be exposed to extreme sunlight, as it may kill them.

If you are desirous of moving plants on your own, instead of hiring moving companies, get some good quality boxes. Fill them with bubble wrap and foam so that the space between the plant and the box is filled and the plant does not get damaged in the moving process. Wrap the tall plants in plastic, but don’t forget to poke some holes in the plastic, so that your plants may breathe. Remove the plastic from the plants as soon as you reach the new home and feed them with water and manure.