Are you looking for a furniture moving and storage service? For individuals and businesses looking for a temporary warehouse, it can be confusing to compare quotes and choose the best one. How does this service work and how much does it cost? Here we give you tips and an easy-to-follow guide and we propose different companies on a low budget.

Moving and Storage

How much does the moving and storage service cost?

More than 30% of clients require a moving and storage service. For this reason, moving companies have different options that cover all needs and adapt to all pockets. Check the table below for the rates and options generally offered for storing your belongings.

Save up to 40% on the cost of your move

Are you moving and need a deposit for your furniture? The best solution is to go to the moving professionals, who have adequate warehouses and can advise you in the best way. If you want to contact companies in the sector, fill out the form on our site, indicating your zip code and the type of move you need. In order for the companies to be prepared, you must indicate in the description of your move that you need the furniture storage service. In less than twenty-four hours after submitting the form, you will receive up to 6 quotes, all for free and without obligation. Compare them and choose the one that best suits your needs. Thus, you can save on the cost of your move.

How does the furniture warehouse work?

Using a storage service is a good solution to organize your home furniture with ease. By depositing your goods inMoving and Storage service boxes for moving or containers inside a warehouse, you retaliate the fear of losing or leaving behind a valuable object. In fact, moving and storage companies equip their locations with alarm systems or surveillance cameras. In general, the costs range between 5 and 10 euros per cubic meter. However, as you can see from the table, the more the rental term increases, the lower the monthly costs. The moving company offers you affordable rates that include the costs of moving and storage.

How to calculate how much space you need?

According to your storage needs, there are different spaces that you can use. These usually cover between 2 and 20 cubic meters. While the smallest ones are suitable for one or two pieces of furniture, containers with a volume of about 14 cubic meters can accommodate the furniture of a small apartment. Generally, the most suitable spaces for families looking for Movers and storage cover around 8 cubic meters.

On the other hand, an area of ​​around 10 square meters is more suitable for people and companies that need to store furniture, desks, workstations, and files. The moving company will tell you which warehouse is best for you. They will organize the furniture and boxes precisely to make the most of the available space.

Who can benefit from the moving and storage service?

During a move, there could be a very short time between the date of departure from the old house and the date of arrival at the new one. When this happens, you must find a safe place for your furniture. The moving and storage service is also useful when you have to move abroad for a short period and do not want to take the furniture with you.

In the aforementioned cases, the personnel of the moving company will take care of the disassembly, packing, and transfer of the furniture to temporary storage. There it will remain guarded, in excellent condition, until the end of the agreed period. In addition, if you consider it appropriate, the staff will transport the furniture to its final destination, that is, your new home.

Move-in only with autonomous service

Another alternative is self-storage in a container, box or warehouse rented on a temporary basis. In this case, you will have to take care of packing yourself and transporting your furniture and personal items to the warehouse. It is a very useful service, especially when you only need to store a few boxes for a short time.

With regard to international Movers, you should use containers located at the destination, in suitable warehouses. Generally, this aspect of Movers and storage is considered by the moving staff, although you can do it yourself if you previously travel to your new place of residence.

How to find the right moving and storage company for you?

Moving and Storage servicesFor your move to be successful, we suggest you choose a company you can trust. For this purpose, you should always verify that there are specific guarantees, in particular, that the space is safe, clean, and free of humidity. It must also offer security at the highest level and have a good fire-fighting system.

Before signing the contract with a moving company, pay attention to the minimum required period of storage. In certain cases, you have the possibility to rent it for a specific number of days. In others, you will have to pay for a full month of this service. There are also companies that only ask you to cover the number of days you used their services.

How to make better use of space?

Exploiting the furniture storage space to the maximum, without causing damage to your personal belongings, is an art. That’s why it’s best to turn to an experienced furniture removal and storage company that knows how to organize furniture and boxes with ease. However, to improve your chances of success, you can take the following steps:

  • Write on four sides of the box what is its content and place the lightest on top of the heaviest;
  • Try to fill the boxes to the maximum, but don’t overdo it. Make sure they can be lifted;
  • To prevent mold from moisture, do not store items in sealed plastic bags.

Get in touch with the companies closest to you

If during the move you realize that you need furniture storage service, contact an experienced company. Contact professionals in the sector by filling in the form on our portal. Indicate your zip code and the type of move you are going to make. You will receive up to 6 different quotes completely free of charge and without obligation. Compare them directly from your home and save up to 40% on the final cost.