A long-distance move involves certain complications due to the fact that it is more difficult to make regular trips back and forth to your new place of residence. Change city, find new accommodation, and organize your move, an upheaval that also requires a larger budget over a long distance (over 200 km). To have a successful long-distance move, alone or with the help of professional movers, several tips are at your disposal, something to reassure and breathe before departure!

Organize a Long-Distance Move

Long-Distance Move

1 – Long-distance moving: Alone or with a professional mover?

Longer, more expensive, more tiring, a long-distance move involves additional difficulty. In order to know whether it is wiser to move your own things or to call on a removal professional, several parameters come into play.

Making a call to a mover may seem expensive at first when it comes to long-distance, transport costs being higher than when moving short distances. However, taking into account the fuel needed for the various round trips, the stops to eat, and possibly to sleep, allows you to realize that the bill can actually climb very quickly. The profitability of a long-distance move without the help of movers ultimately remains low.

Time is another criterion to determine because caring for oneself move involves making the cardboard packaging, storing them in the vehicle but also the furniture store. As an individual, this stage can quickly turn out to belong and exhausting, in addition to the journey to be covered. Calling on a professional mover for a long-distance move will be more economical, faster, and much less tiring in the majority of cases.

2 – How to find the ideal long-distance mover?

Choosing the best mover remains an important step. The location of the mover will be one of the main questions to Long Distance Moveask, whether it will be easier to choose a mover on site, that is to say in the city of departure, or on the contrary in the city of ‘arrival. On the pricing side, a mover located in your city ​​of departure will be preferred because it is less expensive due to a lower approach cost.

However, if a mover that meets your expectations is located in another city and your budget allows it, nothing will prevent you from choosing the mover that best suits your needs. Choosing the right mover is essential, especially when a long-distance is at stake. Making sure of its seriousness, its professionalism and the pricing formulas it offers will be an excellent way to sort through the various movers. Not all of them will be available on the desired date, so you can easily refine your search in this direction.

In any case, a move requires real involvement, and choosing the best professional according to your needs will be essential.

3 – What rates for a long-distance move?

The longer the distance, the higher the price. However, some formulas allow you to benefit from more advantageous prices over long distances in order to remain competitive and to offer services that are always more suited to individual needs. A few examples of prices charged by movers according to volume and distance will allow you to have a more precise idea of ​​the budget to be planned for a long distance.