Changing House and having to move was never fun, especially when you change your home, but also, to a greater or lesser extent, when you have to change for business, ship, office or commercial premises.

And it is not because moving is stressful and exhausting, but also because the expenses involved in moving can be high in some cases.

The good news is that at available movers we have put together these little tips that will help you save money when moving and mitigate stress when you change house and have to move.

7 Tips to Save Money When Moving House

Save Money When Moving

1 – Transfer the little things yourself

Packing your kitchen utensils, shoes or books by yourself is going to take time and therefore money from the final moving bill.

You can also move these small objects in your car to your new home and have the specialized moving company take care of moving only the heaviest objects

2.-Get rid of unnecessary items

Most of us have a lot of items that we don’t seem to want to get rid of, even though we never plan to use them again.

If you want to save money when moving this is the perfect time to get rid of them. You will save space and you will not have to worry about packing and moving them.

An easy and effective way to get rid of your items is to take them tostores specializing in second-hand items or sell them through some of the applications for sale of second-hand objects.

3 – Boxes for the Transfer

The money spent buying boxes for moving supplies is generally underestimated and can affect your wallet. If youSave Money plan in advance, you can save money on the material needed to pack your things

A good example of saving money on moving supplies would be collecting free boxes from friends and family. Most people have extra boxes everywhere.

Good advice: Supermarkets can provide you with free boxes upon request. You can also use old clothes or a newspaper to protect your most fragile items instead of spending extra money.

4 – Prevents any damage

Make sure that there is nothing fragile (your plasma television and that cost you the eye of a face) that can break, without adequate protection.

The last thing you want is to damage your valuable things and end up repairing them, because the latter will cost you much more. For example, you can pack your expensive flat panel display in the original box if you still have it.

Also, you should measure your new home to see if your old furniture will fit through the doors or corners. If not, consider selling them.

5 – Do it with the help of your friends

If you have some friends, with large vans, trucks or cars, you can try bribing them with pizza and beers to help you with the move. Its times like this, when you really see who your real friends are and who aren’t, right?

6 – Low-Cost Moving Company

If you are not lucky enough to have friends with larger trucks or cars, renting a self-drive van or hiring a low-cost moving company is very helpful and time-efficient.

Look carefully at different moving companies to find as much information as possible before choosing. Make sure all details and prices are detailed in writing to avoid mishaps.

7 – Timing is everything

Moving companyMoving companies charge more during peak periods or on weekends. If you can plan your move-in date during the off-season, like early winter, fall, or during the week, you can save a lot of money.

Many companies are mainly busy at the beginning and end of each month, so always ask about prices to save money. Moving companies will have more availability to suit you.

If you have hired a moving company and you continue to be overwhelmed, talk to your moving company, these tough and strong men are also human beings and they understand the situation.

They can give you advice or find ways to help you. Remember, anything you can do on your own will save you from having to pay someone to do it, but it will create more stress for you. You decide what level of stress you want, or are you willing to endure.