Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving by Available Moving and Storage

Available Movers & Storage is known as one of the premier interstate long distance movers in the United States. It will pick-up and deliver cargo in any US city at the customer’s convenient time. The company’s huge fleet of trucks along with its modern tractor trailers makes it possible for this provider to perform its tasks 24/7. These vehicle carriers have been fitted with real-time Global Positioning System or GPS so monitoring teams can pinpoint the exact location of your consignment at any time and in any place.

As one of the more capable interstate movers, the company designed a numerical system. It produced colored labels that have explicit information to protect against loss and ensure timely delivery. A system in making accurate estimates will show space requirements so the operations department can reserve that space for the client. The quotation process starts at least six weeks before actual relocation date. Therefore, moves need to be set one month to avoid issues with space, schedule and carrier.

In moving long distance, Available Movers & Storage knows the importance of storage. It offers large storage facilities with 24 hours security, night vision CCTV cameras, motion detecting equipment, and round-the-clock security. One month of storage is free of charge.

The company will do the following for you:

  • Planning and preparations that can save customers time and money.
  • Packing of small stuff ahead of the moving date.
  • It advises customers to empty all cabinets and drawers of heavy, breakable and movable items. The rule of long distance Astoria movers is to refrain from taping drawers and furniture with doors should be cleared. Likewise gas containers should also be empty.
  • Packing must be done with the proper moving boxes. These should not be too big or small.

Available Movers & Storage also offers full door-to-door storage service for moving cross country. The company can build an inventory and help clients in choosing the storage room with ample space. Your personal belongings are wrapped in blankets and placed inside boxes for safe storage. Long distance movers provide clients with one month free safekeeping. These facilities are watched 24/7 and fitted with sophisticated anti-burglar and fire warnings. It is possible for you to have access to these belongings during office hours.

The cost for using self storage hubs of Available Movers & Storage for moving to another state is very reasonable. The primary factors in this technique include volume, size, security, accessibility, and price. Customers must be assured that their belongings are always secured in this facility. That is why modern technology is utilized and security guards are employed to guard the place.

In moving from NYC, clients will have warehousing requirements so the repositories must be able to accommodate their needs. Only companies with sufficient resources can provide this kind of service. It is important for movers to comply with the needs of customers. Call Available Movers & Storage at telephone numbers 1-877-777-0186 if you are planning in moving to West Coast. The company maintains its office at 28th Avenue Suite 2nd Floor in Astoria, New York.